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75% of sickness absence is attributed to a musculoskeletal disorder and/or stress* This is a statistic employers cannot ignore.

Stress is something we all encounter as individuals. It can manifest as both physical and emotional symptoms, it can vary in terms of frequency and level, but essentially, it’s an indication that life is out of balance. This imbalance need only temporary however.  

Body Mechanics will show you how with the correct techniques around perception, planning and management, it’s possible to regain the balance in your life, reduce the stress you feel and move forward in a positive and productive way.

Our Stress Management Programme is designed to:

  • Pinpoint the issues causing your employee stress
  • Look at that individual’s current perception and management of those issues
  • Identify how stress is presenting itself
  • Discuss and implement new ways to approach issues and circumstances causing stress
  • Give employees a range of management techniques
  • Offer on-going support to employees as required

This programme can span multiple therapies, such as coaching, psychotherapy, yoga and massage to treat the physical and emotional symptoms of stress.  

Our therapies can be delivered on an individual or group basis, as appropriate.

*(source: HSE)