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Work responsibilities and pressures are a reality for all employees.  As they climb the career ladder, these responsibilities and pressures increase, as their involvement in high level decision making and big business wins is more frequent and of course, more visible.

Historically, employers have been outcome focused, using employees as a resource to achieve their business goals, with little thought for their welfare along the way. Today, this is changing significantly. Work life balance and employee welfare is now being put at the centre of a business.  Its only by investing in your biggest business asset, your employees, can you guarantee the longevity of your business success.

Climbing the career ladder in a competitive work environment is tough. We’re all familiar with the phrases ‘going the extra mile’ and ‘work hard, play hard, but what about the flip side of that - ‘burn out’. When work becomes our all and everything, we lose sight of the other aspects of our life, which are important to give us balance.  

Our Executive Programme is designed to:

  • Help avoid ‘burn out’
  • Maintain balance between work, life and self-care
  • Identify current and potential challenges
  • Implement management plans and techniques to help cope with these challenges
  • Offer continued support as required

This programme can span multiple therapies, such as coaching, psychotherapy, meditation, yoga and massage to treat the physical and emotional symptoms of Executive stress.  

Our therapies can be delivered on an individual or group basis, as appropriate.