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I am a Meditation Coach who teaches people how to use meditation to increase their performance, productivity and potential. I have completely changed my life from drug addiction to business professional, using daily mindset and meditation techniques since 2001.

In 2004, I obtained a Life Coaching Diploma from The Coaching Academy and I frequently travel to India to train and practice meditation. I have been coaching and delivering workshops and talks since 2001.

The open-eyed meditation I teach has a tangible impact, which brings many benefits into every area of people’s personal and professional life. Meditation helps to manage anxiety and depression, reduce stress and increase concentration and mental clarity.

The pressures and challenges of everyday life don't disappear, however a change in our perspective can help us manage them more effectively. I show people how to manage their thoughts and to improve their productivity by being less influenced by what's going on around them, how to remain calm, how to make clearer decisions and how to take better action.

After delivering a mindset and meditation programme to a local authority, they rewrote their organisation's 'people plan' to include meditation and positive thinking because of the outcomes staff achieved.

Look after your thoughts and your actions will take care of themselves. Let me show you how to take care of your thoughts!