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I am a trained Acupuncturist, qualified Theta Healer (meditative healing technique) and NES practitioner (corrective bio-energy treatment).

I studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture at The Chinese College of Medicine in London, trained with Jani White at Acuhouse and I'm also a qualified Mummy MOT practitioner.

My passion is to create optimum health, wellbeing and harmony of mind, body and soul. I have been interested in the wonderous power of the human body since an early age, yet it was only after I experienced an un-diagnosed chronic illness myself that I learnt techniques which enabled me to recover and self-heal. Its then that I made it my mission in life to help others reap the benefits that I feel I've been so lucky to enjoy.

I specialise in working with people who have undiagnosed pain, chronic fatigue, gut problems, head fog and other symptoms that do not easily fit into a conventional diagnosis. I like to find the root of the problem and support my clients to self-heal and flourish by harnessing their own inner energies.

Your body wants to heal itself. Sometimes we need help and support from others.

I work with open-minded individuals and groups who are frustrated and struggling with health issues. Perhaps you’ve been referred to a doctor but your condition is still unresolved or even left un-diagnosed. Maybe you’ve got a diagnosis but still feel unwell. Perhaps you’ve lost faith in medicine altogether and don’t know where to turn.

I support them to identify their mystery illness, get better again and become energised, full of life and ready to live life to the full.