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Making a difference...

Corporate health and wellbeing is about making positive everyday changes to the work environment and to the welfare of your employees. It's about:

  • being consistent and proactive in your duty of care
  • establishing best practice and setting standards
  • keeping both your employees and your business profits healthy


One of our clients, a global e-marketing company, over an 18 month period has decreased their amount of sickness absence, while simultaneously increasing their level of employee engagement, through their corporate health and wellbeing programme. Their employees felt the benefits too as detailed in the adjacent infographic

Investing in a corporate health and wellbeing programme can save your business thousands, by minimising inefficiencies around:

  • hiring temporary staff
  • restructuring workloads and increasing working hours
  • delays in deliverables and outcomes
  • time consuming administration to manage sickness absence

The Health Work Wellbeing study in collaboration with PriceWaterhouseCooper identified 'for every £1 spent, organisations recovered £4.17 in programme benefits' as a minimum.

Body Mechanics is here to help your business and your employees fulfil their potential.