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As a Yoga Therapist specialised in back health, I want to make yoga accessible and beneficial for all. Yoga can make us feel calmer, at ease in our body and more able to focus, a practical tool to deal with the challenges of day-to-day life.

I offer one-to-one sessions and small group classes which are best for people who have back pain or want to focus on specific health issues. The group sessions are aimed at back pain prevention, improved flexibility and strength.

Many people working in offices suffer from back pain brought on by poor posture and long hours at their desk. Regular yoga sessions can boost energy levels and productivity, improve wellbeing, and reduce stress.

I had bad posture and muscle tightness from hours of sitting hunched over my desk - weekly yoga classes helped me to regain my flexibility and to cope with stress.

Since then, yoga has been essential for my physical well being, to prevent back pain and maintain a good posture. It has also created space and time for myself, to feel more centred and at peace.

To me, yoga must always be appropriate and beneficial and I enjoy finding ways of making yoga positive and supportive for all my students.