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What to Expect

  • Your first treatment session will include a free consultation, followed by your chosen treatment.
  • If possible, we prefer to email a consultation form to you prior to your treatment session, giving your therapist time to review your details. If this isn’t possible, the consultation can be carried out on the day of your treatment prior to seeing your therapist. Please note it may be necessary to delay your treatment, due to the presence of certain conditions where contamination, infection or exacerbation may occur. Body Mechanics will be happy to treat you upon their resolution.
  • We strongly advise a postural assessment prior to any massage treatment, as this will give us information on how you hold your body and therefore how you use your body. Any postural imbalances will highlight the areas which are susceptible to increased stresses or strains, meaning we can tailor your treatment to you as an individual.
  • Your treatment will take place on a massage couch (or chair) and towels will be provided. Towels will be used to support your body and to maintain your modesty at all times. You will be able to choose your preferred massage medium – oil, lotion, gel or talc. We typically work with almond or grapeseed oil, for their nourishment properties and their suitability for the majority of skin types.
  • Depending on which type of massage treatment you choose, different massage strokes and techniques will be used to help rebalance and reenergise your muscles and body overall.
  • Once your massage has finished, your therapist will give you some after care advice, which will help prolong the positive benefits of your massage and/or a recommended treatment schedule if necessary.