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Nikki has been working with Old Actonians RFC since February 2012. She has covered a vast range of muscular injuries including specific back, shoulder, elbow and knee conditions and on numerous occasions this has led to the player feeling confident enough to return for the next fixture…something which may not have been the case without her.  Nikki has become very valuable to all at the club and I know we all appreciate her hard work.
Samuel Moore, Old Actonians RFU


I am a 35 year old woman with early stage osteoarthritis in my knees, caused by a history of ‘knock knees’ since childhood.  I also suffer from tendonitis in my Achilles. I have found my sessions with Nikki at Body Mechanics, to be very helpful and always feel better and move easier after them. My therapist’s manner is friendly and she is very good at putting people at ease.  I am impressed by her ability to communicate what she is doing and why – she has helped me to understand what my problem areas are and how I can help myself with certain stretches between sessions.

I would have no problem recommending Nikki as a massage therapist; she is professional, thorough, confident and friendly.
Ms C Smith


I would just like to extend my thanks to Body Mechanics.  I suffer from plantar fasciitis and problems with my achilles. My therapist was very approachable and informative regarding her knowledge of these ailments of mine.  Nikki told me exactly what she was doing before she started.  She was also aware of my potential discomfort that I may experience.  She offered advice on the best way of dealing with my ailments.

I found Nikki very friendly – she immediately put me and the others at ease.  I would have no problem recommending Nikki and Body Mechanics at all.  Miss E Williams


I was fortunate to meet Nikki at Body Mechanics early this season (2011-2012) after being unfortunate to have been injured at a Hockey match.  Not only did Nikki get me back into action swiftly, I was also able to encourage her to attend some treatment sessions with Windsor Hockey Club – Ladies 1st and 2nd Teams in February and on an on-going basis.

The massage was to help the players alleviate any general aches and pains and to assist in their recovery times after competitive matches. Nikki was a fantastic asset for the side and was able to ‘just get on with it’ and dealt with team members in an engaging and considered manner.

Nikki has offered to work with us going forward and I’m currently speaking with her and the Sports Director of a local school, to arrange regular massage treatment sessions for the sports teams.

I have no qualms about recommending Body Mechanics.  Mr D Hill, Windsor Hockey Club Coach


I met Nikki when she was doing some massage following a Parkrun event at Thames Valley Park in Reading. I asked if she would be able to help Reading Joggers during a 24 hour team running event that was being run in late June 2012.  She and some of her massage therapist colleagues came along and provided us with a fantastic service.

Several of us were running up to 60 miles through the 24 hours as part of a two or three man team. I am convinced that the sports massage we received helped us keep going and avoided us stiffening up between runs. All Reading Joggers were very pleased with their work and many other clubs were envious.  Adrian Lee, Reading Joggers


The massage was relaxing as well as useful – massage needn’t be painful.  R Tiley


I feel I have much more movement.  My issue was properly addressed during treatment and the correct amount of pressure was used.  A Irving


Nikki listened and fully understood my problem areas. She focused on these areas, targeting specific muscles to relieve tension and discomfort I was feeling. Her post treatment explanation of her findings was very clear and she gave some really useful aftercare advice.  Thank you Nikki. Chrissy, Barnes


The best thing about the massage is the strength which is used.  I’ve had lots of massages, none of which have had the correct pressure during treatment, which proves frustrating. Nikki’s massage is spot on.   She used deep tissue massage to work into my back and after one session, the tension in my back had loosened considerably and I’d gained flexibility.  This is impressive after my years of suffering. Highly recommended!  Laurence, Acton


Nikki’s massage is excellent and I always enjoy it.  The thing that sets her apart for me though is her ‘bedside manner’, client care and competence.  Miss Guancheta, Osterley


The pregnancy massage was a really nice experience – relaxing and relieving – as well as being tailored to my specific needs. Thank you Body Mechanics. Ms Zhang, West Kensington


I’ve had problems with my neck and back for years due to my time as a basketball player and now office worker.  I’ve visited various health professionals and none of them have worked into my arms.  By massaging my arms and doing stretches, my comfort and tension reduced massively.  There’s still work to be done and I’ll definitely be back. Ray Amos, Acton


Nikki managed to find all my problem spots.  Trigger points, stretches and deep pressure – all perfect. Thank you Nikki. Prensiha, Hammersmith


Nikki is very professional and friendly. She did a thorough consultation and explanation of treatment prior to the start of the session. This was followed by the best massage I’ve had in years and good advice on self-care after treatment.  Thank you so much! Fiona, Ealing


10/10 I used to see a massage therapist back home in Australia and have not such a good massage since then, truly! Excellent pressure, professional and friendly manner.  Thank you. Liz, Chiswick


Nikki is very consultative and informative throughout the session and her pressure is spot on.  She has a knack of finding the specific problem areas without me having to tell her.  Will definitely be back. Katie, Chiswick


I was made to feel at ease very quickly. I was asked all the right questions during the consultation. During the treatment I didn’t have to tell Nikki when to increase or decrease the pressure, she just knew instinctively.  I was given an explanation about my problem areas and potential causes.  The aftercare stretches have been really useful and have made all the difference. I’ll definitely use Nikki again. Lisa, Chiswick


Good use of pressure!  This has proven difficult to find over the years.  I feel so much better now. Thank you. Bob Wilkes, Ealing


Great experience all round! My legs are far less tense and my comfort has increased.  I really can’t fault this massage.  I’ll definitely be back. Alice, Chiswick


This massage exceeded my expectations and Nikki as a therapist, was friendly, professional and informative.  Very happy with the treatment overall. Rishan, Southall


Unfortunately I am one of the many that suffer from issues related to sitting down for hours on end at a desk. Nikki has helped me understand the problems and address them. Her trigger point therapy and massage has helped alleviate months of pain, I am now on the road to recovery and can’t thank her enough. Neil,Chiswick