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After sustaining a back injury and slipping two discs, Body Mechanics was set up by me, Nikki Roy, to help those recover from similar musculoskeletal aches and pains. Constant pain is both physically and emotionally draining, intruding on not only your health, but your social life and work commitments as well.

Discomfort caused by postural imbalance, muscle tension or over/under use of muscles is something we all suffer from time to time, however it’s not always something we deal with effectively. Body Mechanics is here to help you recognise the tell-tale signs before they develop into anything more serious, as well as treating conditions which have already come to light.

If there’s one thing my back condition has taught me, it’s that massage isn’t necessarily a luxury pampering treatment you have in a spa. It’s actually an extremely effective, non-invasive way to rebalance and reenergise the body overall and there are many forms to suit my differing needs. It’s been through the help of both my Spinal Consultant and regular maintenance massage treatments that I’ve been able to manage my condition and improve my health. Don’t ignore those little niggles, they rarely disappear, do something about them.