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We help individuals lead pain free lives and we help employers boost productivity and profitability, through health and wellbeing programmes.

Body Mechanics Remedial is an onsite business specialising in back care and corporate health and wellbeing programmes.

Body Mechanics Remedial was initially established to help remedy and manage musculoskeletal conditions through massage. This has now grown into working alongside associate practitioners, such as Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Osteopaths, Pilates Instructors and Psychotherapists to name but a few. We feel its important to make high quality, practical health and wellbeing treatments and programmes accessible and comprehensive.

We provide on-site treatments and/or programmes, in the convenience of your home or business premises. We provide all the necessary equipment, you just have to supply the space. We work primarily throughout London and the Home Counties, however other locations will be considered.

For those individuals who would rather receive treatment in a clinic environment, Body Mechanics now as premises in Bedford Park, Chiswick.

Our clients vary from Charities to Sports Teams, to Private clients to Corporate organisations. We like to work with a range of people in different circumstances, allowing us to ‘do our bit’ and to keep our skills and knowledge current.

All Therapists are fully qualified, First Aid trained and fully insured.

This is a popular form of massage and is perfect if you’re looking for a treatment that promotes relaxation.

Holistic Swedish massage predominantly uses long, sweeping strokes working with your body’s contours and blood circulation. By assisting your body’s blood flow, it means the heart has to do less work and both your heart and respiration rates slow down, allowing you to de-stress and relax.

This form of massage can range in pressure, from light to moderate, according to your preference. If you’re suffering with general tension and aches, this may be the treatment for you.



This massage works deep into muscle tissue, helping to alleviate chronic tension and pain.

Long sweeping strokes are used initially to warm the body, ready for the application of deeper and more direct pressure. By targeting specific areas of tension, this massage breaks down adhesions and scar tissue, helping to realign muscle fibres and for blood flow to be inhibited.

This massage uses moderate to heavy pressure. If you are suffering from chronic tension, pain and impaired movement, this treatment may be for you.



This is a bit of everything all rolled into one – holistic, deep tissue and sports massage – adapted to suit you and your body’s needs. A range of strokes and techniques will be used. The massage will start with long, sweeping strokes, followed by deeper more direct pressure and specific techniques, finishing with long, sweeping strokes again, to soothe and calm the body.

This massage will help break down any adhesions and tension in muscles, whether they be superficial or chronic, allowing muscle fibres to be realigned and for blood flow to be uninterrupted. Any impaired range of movement will be restored and any associated aches and pains will be relieved. Although deeper tissue work will be carried out, we’ll ensure that you still feel relaxed by the treatment, giving an overall balance. Pressure will range from light to heavy, ensuring different areas are treated appropriately. If you are suffering with a number of conditions, varying in severity, this massage may be for you.

This massage works into muscle tissue using moderate to deep pressure, as well as assessing joint integrity. This type of massage is frequently used before, during and after sporting activity, however, everyone can benefit from this treatment.

Sports Massage uses a variety of strokes and techniques and depending on the condition, may require a level of participation from you, the client. Sports massage not only works to break down adhesions, tension and scar tissue, it also aims to reactivate weak or misfiring muscles by using passive, active or resisted movements. This massage will be particularly beneficial if you’re active and want to ensure your muscle tissue and joints work within a good range of movement, allowing for optimal sporting performance.

An expectant Mother’s body goes through numerous changes during pregnancy, which despite being natural, aren’t always comfortable. Joints become more supple and mobile and as the baby grows, additional weight and stresses are placed on the body which frequently result in symptoms such as fatigue, muscle and/or joint aches, water retention, constipation and bloating.  These are all things which can be reduced and managed by regular massage for a happier and more comfortable pregnancy.

How we hold our body, directly impacts how we use our body and how our joints and muscles work together. If you think of muscles as attachments on to bones, which come together at joints and function as levers, you quickly build up a picture of ‘body mechanics’. If one element of this machine is weak, mal-aligned or ineffective, it will present itself as an imbalance in some form, having an impact on the surrounding muscles, bones and joints. This is why we experience tension, aches and pains as well as impaired range of movement.

At Body Mechanics, we strongly advise all our clients to have a postural and joint assessment as part of their initial appointment, with intermittent review assessments every 3-6 months, depending on an individual’s level of activity and its intensity. It’s the information we get from postural and joint assessments which allow us to understand any existing conditions, in addition to preventing any potential complaints going forward.

Sports injuries are common and vary in severity. Should you be experiencing any problems with strains, sprains or joints, taping and strapping can be an effective way of achieving increased comfort and accelerated recovery. Taping and strapping can help to correct my posture, to ‘off-load’ any pressure or tension and to offer support to an area of temporary weakness. This can be extremely beneficial as part of a treatment plan and once you know how, its a quick and easy  recovery or correctional method you can do yourself at home.

As a business, your biggest asset is your workforce – without them, your business just doesn’t exist. It’s for this very reason that its important to continually invest in your employees, in particular their health and well-being.

According to HSE, 78% of injuries and illnesses are directly related to the workplace. 41% or £8.8M of which relates to musculoskeletal disorders in 2015/16 and 37% is attributed to stress (no financials given).

These statistics are significant and highlight the duty of care employers need to adopt towards their employees. Injuries, illnesses and sickness absence will clearly have a detrimental impact on how efficiently your business functions. The costs associated with the individual being off have a knock on effect – hiring temps, restructuring workload, longer work hours of colleagues to compensate, team morale, time spent on HR and OH involvement, managerial time and focus….the list can go on.

Why not take positive control over your employees health and well-being by providing on-site health and wellbeing programmes. By allowing employees, particularly those with a high level of sickness absence and/or those with MSD’s such as RSI, back pain, poor posture, tension headaches/migraines, to receive on-site care, you will see their overall health and well-being improve, in addition to their morale, their productivity and engagement, as well as their sickness absence rates reduce. Use health and wellbeing programmes as a way to prevent, rehabilitate and cure, before it becomes a serious issue for the individual and for the business.

By linking a health and wellbeing programme into your businesses HR and OH functions, it allows you clearly benchmark how individuals are improving within the business overall, as well as being able to demonstrate that the programme is a tangible, cost saving benefit.

Don’t take our word for it. According to a report carried out by PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP and commissioned by the Health Work Wellbeing Executive in 2008, for every £1 invested in an employee health and wellbeing programme, at least £4.17 can be expected as a benefit to cost ratio (BCR).

Here is the feedback from one of our corporate clients who have done exactly the above and reaped the benefits:

93% of staff attended regularly
50% used the service to help manage stress
22% used it for treatment of a specific injury
87% said it helps their working performance
100% said it helps maintain their general health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing programmes are a positive way in which to invest in employee care, where both the individual and the business benefit!

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If massage isn’t your thing, then CORE I Bodywork may be the treatment for you. It works on the key principle that tension is held in throughout the body’s soft tissue structures – muscles, ligaments, tendons AND the connective membranes, known as fascia.

By working into key body structures, such as the diaphragm, the hip flexors and specific muscles in the extremities AND fascia, everyday niggles like tension, tightness and restricted movement can all be relieved and enhanced. It aims to re-balance and re-energise the body, which is what Body Mechanics is all about.

CORE I Bodywork uses a combination of mobilisations and pressure locks as appropriate. This method of treatment has been developed by Noah Karrasch, who started his therapy career as a Rolfer. He has blended principles from rolfing, massage and physiotherapy which has resulted in a unique and very effective method of treatment.

I can personally recommend the effectiveness and the balance CORE I Bodywork restores in the body.  I had sustained an injury after being hit by a courier cyclist, which had resulted in my body being malaligned and the muscles being very tense. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to get a massage, but needed some form of treatment. After a 45 minute session of CORE I Bodywork, my body was aligned, my pain was gone and I generally felt stronger in my body. I consider CORE I Bodywork to be an excellent alternative to massage – Nikki Roy, Owner of Body Mechanics

The Fisical range has been created for professional practitioners to use within treatments such as massage and is available to both the sporting or fitness enthusiast, wanting to improve physical performance and improve recovery time.

The Fisicial range helps to relax muscles, rid them of waste products; ease pain and discomfort following injury; stimulate the muscles and local blood flow; through to easing a broad range of joint problems or use our Original oil, designed exclusively without essential oils.

The entire Fisical range is ultra absorbent and acts rapidly to achieve the desired outcomes.

Client Testimonials

  • Nikki has been working with Old Actonians RFC since February 2012. Nikki has become very valuable to all at the club and I know we all appreciate her hard work.Read More Samuel Moore, Old Actonians RFU
  • I have found my sessions with Nikki at Body Mechanics, to be very helpful and always feel better and move easier after them. I would have no problem recommending Nikki as a massage therapist; she is professional, thorough, confident and friendly.Read More Ms C Smith

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